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Hoppy Bunny Bags

These Hoppy Bunny Bags will bring smiles to little faces at Easter. These whimsical bunnies will add a touch of fun to any room in the house.


Americana Acrylic Paint DA114 - Light Cinnamon

Paints: Lamp Black, White, Baby Pink, Country Blue, Boysenberry Pink
Brushes - Synthetic Brushes for Acrylics: #8 Flat Brush, #1 Liner, Stippler or Sponge
Water container
Paper towels
Palette paper
Tracing & graphite paper
Pencil or stylus
White, pink or Easter print tissue


Transferring Patterns
Lay tracing paper over pattern and draw the basic lines. Lay this tracing on the surface to be painted. Slip graphite paper between the tracing and the surface and secure. Trace with a pencil or stylus to transfer the design. Do not trace details until after basecoating has dried.

Trace and transfer pattern lightly onto bags.

Painting Instructions
Helpful Hint: Remember to always dab your brush or sponge on a paper towel to distribute the paint in the bristles and to lessen the amount of paint on your brush or sponge.

With a flat brush, basecoat nose and mouth Baby Pink; shade top and side of nose and upper part of mouth with Boysenberry Pink. With a liner and thinned Titanium White, highlight the nose with a couple of strokes. Side-load* a flat brush with Light Cinnamon and shade the outside of the nose from the top of the head, past the eyes to the cheeks. Also shade under the lip.

With Country Blue, basecoat the eye and shade with Sapphire on the outside edges. Basecoat the rest of the eye with Lamp Black. Outline eyes and paint the lashes with Lamp Black. Highlight with white strokes and a dot.

Using a stippling brush or a piece of sponge squeezed together, pick up Baby Pink and, staring at the top of the cheek, work your way down with a light pounce.

Do the same on the lower cheek, using white and starting at the lower area and working upward.

With a liner, mix a little Lamp Black into the Light Cinnamon and outline the nose, the top and lower part of the cheek, top lip and a little on the bottom lip. Lightly brush in a little white on the lip and pull out some short hairs. With a liner and thin white paint, pull out whiskers and forehead hairs.

Dab a few dots of the Lamp Black/Light Cinnamon mix on the jowls.

Fill bag with treats and a sheet of tissue stuffed in the center area. Pull out the ends to resemble ears. Place a piece of tape between the ears to close the bag. Add bow or flower between ears, if desired. Bags may also be personalized by writing name with Baby Pink.

* Side loading: Dip clean brush into water or extender; blot to remove excess. Dip corner or stroke side edge of brush into puddle of paint to pick up small amount. Remaining in the same spot on the palette, use short repeated strokes to gently move paint across hairs. Turn brush over and stroke through same spot until color moves across hairs, fading away before reaching opposite side.

Editor\'s Note: This craft could be adapted to Markers for young crafters.

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