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Gingerbread House Money Box

Here’s a Christmas craft to teach saving money and saving the earth through recycling containers and using them as craft materials.


500 milk cardboard drink carton (washed
& dried)
Craft knife
Brown tissue or crepe paper
PVA glue
Cotton wool
Decorations e.g. beads, craft
foam, pipe cleaners etc


1. Close and staple the top of the carton back together again

2. Brush the carton with a coat of  PVA.  3. Layer the brown crepe paper all over the carton. Brush each piece down with more glue.

4. Gently unroll a ball of cotton wool.

5. Cut the wool strip into thin lengths.

6. Gently twist and roll the lengths of cotton wool to make them even.

7. Brush a line of PVA along the corners of the house.

8. Attach the cotton wool strips to the corners of the carton to resemble icing.

9. Cut some door and window shapes from card. Glue them to the house.

10. Lay the house down on its side and glue decorations to each side. Allow each side to dry before

11. Use a craft knife to slice a coin hole into the roof of the gingerbread house.

12. Make sure the hole is big enough to fit the largest coin in.

If you enjoyed this craft, you might enjoy making a Graham Cracker Milk Carton House.

This craft is reprinted courtesy of Jellyfish Jelly - Creative Kids where you will find step by step illustrated instructions for this craft.

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Image of Gingerbread House Money Box


Image of Jellyfish Jelly   Creative Kids
Jellyfish Jelly – Creative Kids

Jellyfishjelly is the work of Miya Maeda."My work is intended to be a simple guide for non-crafty, “creatively-challenged” parents.  The concept behind this site arose from what I perceived to be the near universal need for parents of small children to find novel and challenging activities to occupy what can sometimes seem like a very long day."

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