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Gift Bag Bunny

Our favorite on the road grandmother has sent us another great gift bag idea. This adorable Bunny Gift Bag can be adapted to any size bag and still be adorable.


Hot pink gift bag
Pink foam in two shades
2 extra large light pink pom poms (cheeks)
1 pink pom pom (nose)
2 large google eyes


Draw a pattern for ears in two sizes. One for the light pink and a skinnier one for the inside of the ears. Also draw a pattern for the feet. Use the picture as a reference.

Glue on jowls and eyes.

Glue feet under bag.

Glue inner ear to one outer ear and glue on left side, pointing up.

Glue left ear on, pointing down.

Place nose pom pom in center of jowls under eyes and glue.

Then glue large pom pom on both sides of nose, on top of jowls.

Punch hole on each side of bag and tie on decorative items, if desired.

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Image of Gift Bag Bunny


Image of Mary Ruthven
Mary Ruthven

 Mary is one half of a creative team for a site called Crafting Tales. Here you will find craft projects and patterns galore with a large section for Kid’s crafts. They also have contests, gift shops and much more. Visit them at www.craftingtales.com

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