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Easy Insect

This  insect won’t take a bite out of you and is easy to make.


Baking foil
Cardboard tube
Paper or card
Pingpong ball or squeezy lemon juice container


Roll a cardboard tube in foil. Screw up the end on one side and fold into the tube on the other.

Cut out the wings and glue onto the foil covered tube.

Glue or tape in a ball for the head.

A Jif lemon juice container makes a perfect insect head. Decorate. Use wool/string for the legs.

You will find complete animated instructions on Things2Make.com.

This craft is reprinted courtesy of Things2Make.com.

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This fun animated website has great graphics and animated directions for their projects that are listed alphabetically in two categories: Under 6 and Over 6.

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