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Easy Angel Craft

Angels are a favorite theme for Christmas. Here is an easy one for them to enjoy making.


One popsicle stick (craft stick)
Pink or flesh colored scrap of felt
One gold pipecleaner
One sheet of white paper
One small piece of Christmas wrapping paper (I used gold)
Googly eyes (optional)
Yellow yarn scraps


 1. Begin your angel craft by folding a standard sheet of white paper (8.5 x 11 inches) in half lengthwise, and cut along the fold.  You will only use one half of the paper.  Save the other half for another angel is you are making more than one.  Starting at the shorter end, fold up the sheet of paper, accordian style.

2.  With the paper all folded up, fold it in half once.  Then, use your scissors to cut a small slit at the folded edge.  When this is unfolded you can stick the popsicle stick through this cut.


3.  Now open up the fan and slide the popsicle stick into the slit.  Position the wings about 2/3 from the bottom of the stick.


4.  Using a compass or another template, draw a circle on the holiday wrapping paper, about 6 inches in diameter.  Then, cut a slit to the center of the circle.


5.  Now wrap the circle around itself to form a cone, and glue or tape in place. Then, cut a small slit in the top of the cone for the popsicle stick to thread through.


6.  Slide the cone on the bottom of the popsicle stick.  Put a drop of glue where the cone meets the stick, if necessary.

7.  To make the head, fold a piece of pink or flesh colored felt in half.  If you like, you can also use foam board.  Cut out a small circle, so you end up with two circle the same size.  Glue one half to one side of the popsicle stick, and one half to the other side.

8.  Bend a gold pipecleaner into a halo shape, apply some glue to the pipe cleaner stem and insert it in between the two felt circles of the head.  Make sure it is adhering to the popsicle stick.  You may want to  use a clothespin to clamp it down, to make a tight seal, while it dries.

9.  Now you can add the features to the face of angel craft.  You can glue on some yarn for the hair, add foam or felt pieces to make the facial features, and glue googly eyes if desired.  You can also add a cord for hanging if you desire, and it can be tied around the base of the pipe cleaner halo.

This craft is reprinted courtesy of Crafts-For-All-Seasons.com.

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