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Creating A Special Space

Sometimes kids just need their own private space and a tree house may not be in your skill set. Here’s a way to create that area and the kids can help to make it perfect for them.


Hula Hoop

Safety Pins
Twine or Rope
Tulle and/or Ribbon

Cushions and Blankets


Pin the top edge of the sheet to the hula hoop by folding the sheet over and pinning it to itself. (see pic below)

Use twine to create a hanger to tie your hideout to the tree with. I used two long pieces of twine and tied each piece to opposite sides of the hula hoop. The two pieces then criss-crossed over each other. I tied the two together where they criss-crossed with another piece of twine. Later I used that piece to actually tie the hoop into the tree.

Tie on tulle and ribbons or any other embellishments you have. Hang the hideout from a tree branch.

Add blankets and cushions underneath your fort so you can be nice and comfy.

Take a little nap or eat a snack inside your new hideout.

This project is reprinted courtesy of The Craft Nest where you will find lots of great ideas to keep the kids occupied.

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3 thoughts on
“Creating A Special Space”

  1. helloredds says:

    I think these look really cute. My kids would have loved them when they were little~

    Came over on #Grandma’s Ideas today.


  2. Here from Grandma’s Ideas.
    So neat!! I know a certain little girl who would love this!

  3. Nina Lewis says:

    Such a wonderful idea. I think my grandkiddos would love this — especially one of my grandsons! Thanks for sharing on my Grandma Ideas Sharing Time link party.


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