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Canning Jar Lid Reindeer

This cute little reindeer makes for a great ornament to decorate your tree. It’s easy to make and you can use household items for it. The base is a canning jar lid. Then you take some paints, add a face and you’re done.


DecoArt Products Required
No-Prep Metal Paint
  DMP01 - Bright White
  DMP11 - Real Red
  DMP29 - Burnt Sienna
  DMP32 - Coal Black
Foam plate
1" wood split ball, Lara's Crafts U10722
E6000 industrial strength craft glue
Lo-temp glue gun and glue sticks
Craft foam in beige, brown
Small sharp scissors
1/2" flat brush
Liner brush
Regular-mouth metal canning jar lid


Note:Let dry after each step.

1.Use flat brush and Burnt Sienna to paint top of lid.
2.Mix one part Bright White with one part Burnt Sienna. Use mixture to paint split ball.
3.Refer to photo for placement of muzzle and glue flat side of ball to jar lid.
4.Use end of brush handle dipped in Bright White to paint ovals for eyes.
5.Use end of brush handle dipped in Real Red to dot nose on muzzle.
6.Use liner brush and Coal Black to paint line for mouth and dots for pupils of eyes.
7.Trace and cut two ear patterns from brown foam; cut two antler patterns from beige foam.
8.Refer to photo for placement and use glue gun to attach ears to back edge of lid; glue antlers behind ears on back of lid.
9.Finish item as desired to create ornament, gift tag, pin, or magnet:

Pin: attach self-adhesive pin back to upper center at back of completed lid;

Magnet: attach 1" piece of self-adhesive magnetic strip to back center of completed lid;

Ornament or gift tag: form loop from 10" length of 3/8" wide ribbon and glue between ribbon ends, aligning edges; glue ends to upper center back of lid.

Helpful Tip
We used a new lid with silver finish and minimal lettering. Using lids with printing or colors may require basecoat of Bright White.

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