Tin Foil Robot

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This Tin Foil Robot was created by eight year old Joseph, a third grader from Viera, Florida who enjoys Parkour (Ninja Warrior) and Fencing. Joseph enjoys the outdoors and time with friends. He also enjoys creating and recreating with Legos.


Various cardboard pieces, boxes, toiet paper rolls
Aluminum foil to cover cardboard pieces
Anything you want to use for eyes and nose (washers, buttons, beads, screws, etc
Tape to hold foil (masking or duct)


Gather supplies and place pieces of cardboard, tubes, etc. in place to form your robot.

Once you are satisfied with your pieces, wrap them in foil and tape to secure. Use ttape to attach the body,head, legs and arms to one another.

Finally, decorate your robot with whatever you would like to form a face and other features. Be creative, you can add hair, clothes, whatever!


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