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Easy DIY Leaf Art

Kids know more about computers than many adults. Turn this knowledge into a tool for making crafts like this Scanned Leaf art. Just imagine a whole series of colorful leaves using this method to decorate your room.


Water color
Cut up sponges
Fat brush
Tins for paint


Begin by sponge painting an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. I used red and yellow water color paint, the kind that comes in bottles from craft stores and regular computer paper. Each color had it’s own sponge and its own pie tin. Dab the colors recklessly on the paper, mixing them here and there. I got yellow, red and orange. Not satisfied with the dabbed look, I took a fat brush and mooshed the colors together and added a little white until I achieved the look in the picture.

Wait for the paper to dry, then lay the leaf face down on the scanner, top it with the painted background and scan

After scanning, print the image. You can achieve the same effect by using a color copier. Check out creative papers for different background ideas. Try other colors. Be creative.

Great for making a series to hang in the hall or up the stairs.


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