Sailing Ship

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Columbus sailing ship for kids to make

Whether you are studying about the Mayflower or Christoper Columbus, this Sailing Ship is the perfect project to stimulate discussion and hold everyone’s attention.  Depending their ages and their abilities the kids may want to make their own.


Woodsie Skinny Sticks
Starbucks coffee sleeve
White paper
Scrap corrugated cardboard
Xacto knife*
Red tape

*Xacto knives should be used by a responsible adut


Open up the coffee sleeve, fold inside out, and staple back together on one side.

Draw straight line on bottom of sleeve, and curve on top. Cut with scissors.

Use pattern to trace and cut cardboard insert. Test for fit in boat. Adjust size if necessary.

Use xacto knife to make two slits.

Use sticks to punch holes.

Cut four rectangles for sails.

Fold gently in half and cut small slits.

Slide sails on stick. Wrap tape on top and trim to make flag. Assemble as shown.



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