Cute Pom Pom Owl

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Easy pom pom owl for kids to make

Here is an easy and Cute Pom Pom Owl to make with the kids. If you want to make it more challenging  you can make your own pom poms but for the young crafters using the ready made pom poms is a good way to start.


Black Pom Poms
Yellow Felt Scraps
Googly Eyes
Small Bottle Cap


You can find pom poms in any craft store. (These are about 2″ or so.)

Cut out the yellow eye circles, beak and feet using felt and we glued them on.

Then we glued the googly eyes on.

And I tried to give them owl ears by pinching the pom poms a bit.

Editor’s Note: A good way to make your circles for the eyes is to use a medium sized bottle cap and trace around it on the yellow felt. Make sure the cap is larger than your googly eyes.


My name is Linda. I\’m a mom of 2 boys and a girl. I hope you find something in that helps you have fun with the kids in your life.


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