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The holidays are celebrations of family and what better time to bring out this Printable Peacock Family Tree and fill in the blanks. It’s a great way for children to see the connections with members of the family and the kids will love helping with the project. You could create one for each family invited as a special momento.


White Paper

Color Printer

Glue Stick


Family Head Shots


Print out the Peacock shaped family tree.

Gather head shots of all the family members to be used. If you don’t have them all the holiday gathering may be the ideal opportunity to fill in the missing photos.

Cut out the center of the circles (an xacto knife might be helpful to make a clean cut).

Glue  around the back side of the circle and position the appropriate photo in that spot and press down to secure. I suggest that you plan out where each photo goes before you start so you have the photo in the right spot.

Write in the name on the line provided and frame if you so desire. It also helps to mount the original on card stock so it will hold up better.

If this doesn’t work for what you need Sherry has more family tree ideas on her blog.

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