Printable August Coloring Calendar

August Coloring Calendar for kids

Our 2023 Printable August Coloring Calendar is fun and will aid the kids in keeping track of special events in the last month of their school vacation. The August Calendar will also remind them to get prepared for the beginning of the new school year. This project is fun and a useful tool to keep the kids on track.

Here are a couple of dates to get you thinking:

  • August 7:British Columbia Day (Canada)
  • August 19: National Aviation Day

The month of August got its name from the Ancient Romans who named this month for Augustus Caesar. Augustus made adjustments to the calendar since the extra day that was supposed to be every four years was actually every three years Source: Terrebonne Parish Library System – How August Got its Name

  • White Paper
  • Crayons, Markers or Colored Pencils
  1. Print out a calendar for each child.
  2. Gather the children around a table with their favorite coloring materials
  3. Turn them loose to color their individual calendars.
  4. Have them write in special events like birthday parties, trips, and special reminders. You may have to help the littlest ones who may not be able to write.
  5. Post the calendar on the fridge, personal bulletin boards or doors and have them mark off the days as they count down to their special events.
Printable Calendar

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