Perky Pink Squid

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clay pot squid

You may never find this Perky Pink Squid in the ocean, but it will make a great decoration for your room. Check our other ocean themed projects to see what else you want to add to your collection.


Americana Neon DHS3 – Sizzling Pink
Americana Acrylics DA215 – Peony Pink (semi-opaque) and DA235 – Citron Green (transparent)
Wiggle eyes (2)
Chenille stems, pink (3)
Water container
Palette or plastic plates
Paper towels
Tracing and transfer paper
Pen or stylus
Low-temp hot glue gun and glue sticks
Permanent fine point black marker


Let dry between steps.

1. Paint pot Peony Pink.

2. Paint over Peony Pink with Sizzling Pink.

3. Position and adhere wiggle eyes.

4. Cut chenille stems in half. Bend and curl to form tentacles. Position and adhere.

5. Use marker to draw mouth.

6. Use brush handle end and Citron Green to dot body.



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