Paper Plate Egyptian Collar

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DIY Egyptian Collar

This Paper Pate Egyptian Collar started out as an ordinary paper plate. It is amazing what you can do with simple supplies you have around the house. This craft is a fun project to make when studying Egypt and its culture.


Paper plate
Poster paint or acrylic paint
Paint brushes


Position a large paper plate bottom side up.

To make an opening for the neck, find a round object to trace (about 4 ½ to 6 inches in diameter). Place it at the center of the paper plate and move it upwards until it is just about an inch from the top edge of the plate. Trace around the object to mark out the circle.

Cut a vertical slit from the top edge of the plate to the round outline.

Proceed to cut along the round outline.

Try on the collar or necklace.

*If the opening is too small, you may trim the ends of the collar. You may also widen the circle if it feels too tight around the neck.

Once you are happy with the collar’s fit, paint it gold.

Ancient Egyptian collars are usually made up of rows of colored beads. To simulate this effect, paint short strokes to form each row or layer of “beads”. The strokes need not be perfectly uniform. You can even finger paint or use a cotton swab to apply paint.

Continue painting short strokes of color until you have completed a row.

Paint more rows of colors until you have decorated the entire collar.

Once the paint dries, try on your Egyptian collar.

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