Paper Maché Egyptian Canopic Jars

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DIY egyptian canopic jars

If you are preparing your class to learn about Egypt or if your scout troop has selected Egypt for Thinking Day these Paper Maché Egyptian Canopic Jars are a great project to spark their interest.

Trivia: Canopic jars were used to contain the internal organs of individuals removed during the process of mummification. The most common form was four jars held within a chest.


Pringles Cans
Masking Tape
Ross White Glue (or Wheat Paste. or flour paste)
Acrylic Paint or Tempera Paint


This project was developed by Lauren McGreal of Victoria Fertitta Middle School in Las Vegas, NV.

You need a Pringles can for each student. Take the lids off and put aside.

Prepare Paper Mache. mix in a bowl for each table. You can make your own or buy a pre-made mix. We’ve supplied a recipe* below or you can google your own.

Students (or teacher ahead of time) should cut strips of newspapers to put on the outside of the Pringles cans

Use wheat paste or flour for creating and attaching the heads on the Pringles can lids. Students can research authentic canopic heads or choose their favorite animal to recreate for their jar.

Have students paper mache the can being careful not to seal the head on.

After the paper maché dries have the students paint their jars to using the picture as a reference. This is also a good opportunity to give them research homework to look up hieroglyphics if they would like to add them.

Paper Maché Recipe*

Mix one part flour with one part of water (eg, 1 cup flour and 1 cup water, or 1/2 cup flour and 1/2 cup water) until you get a thick glue-like consistency. Add a bit more water if it’s too thick. Mix well with a spoon to get rid of all the lumps.


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