Balloon Critters

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Kids of all ages will have fun creating these Balloon Critters. Bet the adults try their hand at it too.  You might also try using corn starch instead of flour.


Flour (any type)
Pipe cleaners, wool or string for hair.
Craft glue
Eye stickers,wobble eyes,buttons or a marker pen for the eyes


This fun little kids craft project shows you how to make balloon critters out of balloons and flour. They are super cute and adorably squishy. They are great fathers day or mothers day gifts as they can be used as paper weights.

Start by filling your balloon with flour, use a chopstick or pen to help push the flour down the funnel.

Once you have filled the balloon tie a knot in the top and use your finger to make an indentation for the mouth and nose. The more you fill it the harder it will be to squish your features into place.

Finish off by adding the eyes and some hair to cover up the knot.

All done!


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