Paper Loop Turkey

Easy Paper Loop turkey for kids to make

This Paper Loop Turkey is a colorful way to decorate the table for Thanksgiving and the children will glow in the knowledge that they have had an active part in the celebration.


Construction paper: Brown, Tan, Orange, Gold and Red
Wiggle eyes
Glue Stick


Cut a 2″ x 11″ strip of brown paper and form into a loop. Glue the ends together.

Cut 1″ x 5″ strip of tan paper for the head and form into a loop, glue the ends together. Glue the two loops together using the photo as a reference.

Cut 1″ x 5″ strips from the various colors to form the tail feathers and glue to the body loop using the photo as a reference.

Glue wiggle eyes on the head loop.

Cut out feet, beak and waddle and glue on.

Happy Thanksgiving



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5 thoughts on “Paper Loop Turkey”

  1. Kristy says:

    Not only cute, but functional too! They would make a cute addition to any Thanksgiving table.

  2. Globetrotter says:

    These can also be used as napkin holders.

  3. Cindy says:

    How do you keep the turkey from falling over backward? Before I glued the feathers on, it flopped forward, now it falls backward and the feathers are on the table.

  4. Elaine Ritchie says:

    We put a little support roll in the back to hold it up

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