Paper Agave Plant

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DIY paper plants

This lovely Paper Agave Plant will amaze your friends and add a beautiful touch to your room. It’s a good project for teens who want to add a special handmade touch to their decor.


Cardboard tube, the kind found on a roll of aluminum foil (it has a smaller diameter than a toilet paper tube)
Green card stock paper
Hot glue
Skewer (optional)


Leaves are cut out, folded in half, and then glued to the outside of the top of a cardboard tube. One can use a smallish (3″ or 10cm roughly) piece of the tube, or if inserting paper plant into planter, cut tube to height of planter.

You will need 8 fatter/shorter leaves, and 6 longer thinner leaves.

Of the eight fatter shorter leaves, four stand upright in the center, (marked 1. through 4.) and four are bent back about 45 degrees (marked 5. through 8.)

The six longer thinner leaves are glued around the outside and bent/curled back roughly 180 degrees.

If plant will be viewed from the top, you will need to hide the cardboard tube by glueing a few more leaves to the inside of the tube.

That is it, enjoy!



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