Panda Pajama Pillow

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What could be more fun for kids than cuddling up to this adorable Panda Pajama Pillow on a cold winter’s night, especially if they made it.  This is a great sewing project for Tweens and Teens. The kids will take great pride in their handiwork for many years.

Trivia: Giant pandas live in a few mountain ranges in central China, in Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Gansu provinces. They once lived in lowland areas, but farming, forest clearing, and other development now restrict giant pandas to the mountains.

2 thoughts on “Panda Pajama Pillow”

  1. I am really enjoying your website….. so many great craft ideas. I love the Panda pillow and so many other ideas you have. I had seen in my on line searching the idea of stay at home summer camp themes. It’s a little hard coming up with ideas to make two boys, one finishing K and the other finishing 5th grade happy for the summer. I am working hard on finding ideas and ‘pinning’ them and then going back and picking out the best ideas for each of the themes I have come up with (including Patriotic week for 4th of July, but thanks to your site, reminded of Flag Day at the end of the week! I’m even planning a Christmas in July week).

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