No Fail Pet Portaits

Easy Pet Portraits for Kids

Young people (and adults too) will find these No Fail Pet Portraits irresistible. Imagine what fun it would be to be able to have an original portrait hanging on the wall of your own precious pet. Technology has turned everyone into a master painter with this method. This project would be fun for one or a group project.


John James Audobon is famous for his paintings of birds, but did you know that he also painted animals for his book The Quadrupeds of North America? Source: Smithsonian – The Fantastic Beasts of John James Audubon’s Little-Known Book on Mammals


Many photo editing programs have an option to turn a photo into outlines. Here are the super easy step-by-step instructions for They have a free trail version.

  1. Open Picmonkey.
  2. Click on edit image.
  3. Bring your photo up.
  4. Under “Basic Edits” Click on the magic wand.
  5. Scroll down to “Artsy” Select “Edge Sketch”.
  6. Change thickness to 5.
  7. Change level of detail to 100%.
  8. Leave Fade at 0%.
  9. Click Apply.
  10. At the top tool bar, click export.
  11. Save or download to your computer to print from your favorite program.

A portrait of their favorite pet would also make a great gift for a special Aunt, Uncle or Grandparent. Have fun!

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