Native American Buddies Paper Dolls

native american paper dolls for kids

We have provided you with the Pilgrim Thanksgiving Buddies Paper Dolls and now we are adding their Native American guests to make Thanksgiving complete.


Native American Heritage Month is observed in November to call attention to the culture, traditions, and achievements of the nation’s original inhabitants and of their descendants. The official designation of November as National Native American Heritage Month was signed into law in 1990. Source: United States Courts – Native American Heritage Month

  • Printer
  • White Card Stock for the Paper Dolls
  • White Paper for Costumes
  • Scissors
  • Markers, Crayons or Colored Pencils (optional)
  • Glue Sticks or Glue Dots
  1. Print out either the black and white version or the colored version of the Native American costumes and paper dolls. You can use plain white paper for the paper doll, but the cardstock holds up better.
  2. If you prefer to use one of our previous buddies paper dolls you can select one of the Black and White Buddies or Colored Buddies from previous crafts.
  3. For those who are using the black and white versions, we suggest that you color them before cutting out. It makes it so much easier.
  4. Once you have cut it out you are ready to glue the costume to your paper doll and let the playtime begin. Click on Pilgrim Thanksgiving Buddies Paper Dolls to complete your set of paper dolls.
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One thought on “Native American Buddies Paper Dolls”

  1. Annette says:

    Thank you. This is a really nice craft activity for kids for Thanksgiving. I was just wondering whether you’d consider designing Thanksgiving paper dolls that would be for older children / young adults . It’d be fun to decorate the holiday table with them!

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