Cork Tape Coasters

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DIY Coasters to make for gifts

If you want to make a gift for someone that they will use and enjoy, try these Duck® Brand Cork Tape Coasters. We’ve shown you some samples but obviously you can always create your own designs. These coasters will become a permanent part of anyone’s life.


Duck® Brand Cork Tape
Duck Tape®
Crafting Board


Lay out 2 strips of Duck Tape®.

Place your strips sticky side up and lay out 2 strips of cork tape.

Trim off the excess tape so you have a square.

Draw and cut out a circle.

Trace half of your circle on a strip of Duck Tape®.

Cut out your half circle.

Place your half circle onto the front of your coaster.

Use these steps to create your own designs on your coasters.




Duck® Brand
Duck® brand delivers excellent quality products at an everyday value in several household product categories. Key products include DIY, craft, stationery and household goods.


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