Cork Tape Coasters

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Image of Cork Tape Coasters

If you want to make a gift for someone that they will use and enjoy, try these Duck® Brand Cork Tape Coasters. We’ve shown you some samples but obviously you can always create your own designs. These coasters will become a permanent part of anyone’s life.


Duck® Brand Cork Tape
Duck Tape®
Crafting Board


Lay out 2 strips of Duck Tape®.

Place your strips sticky side up and lay out 2 strips of cork tape.

Trim off the excess tape so you have a square.

Draw and cut out a circle.

Trace half of your circle on a strip of Duck Tape®.

Cut out your half circle.

Place your half circle onto the front of your coaster.

Use these steps to create your own designs on your coasters.


Image of Cork Tape Coasters



Image of Cork Tape Coasters

Duck® Brand
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