Candy Tower


This Candy Tower is a good alternate for the chocolate treats traditionally  found in Easter Baskets. If your child is allergic to ingredients in chocolate candies or (heaven forbid) just doesn’t care for chocolate try this candy tower.


The influx of German immigrants to Pennsylvania in the early 18th century is thought to be how that tradition of associating a bunny with the arrival of spring gained traction in the Americas. The advances in chocolate molding techniques in the early 20th century resulted in this tradition being enshrined in chocolate. Source: Escoffier School of Cullinary Arts – The History of Easter Candy Traditions

  • Variety of non chocolate candies
  • Hot Glue
  • Small to medium sized boxes
  • Bow
  1. Glue approximately 3 boxes together to form the core for this candy tower.
  2. Plan out a tower structure with the boxes of candy and adhere to the core of boxes with a dab of hot glue. You won’t need a lot because you want the recipient to be able to pull the treats off easily. Take a look at the picture for an idea of how much candy it might take.
  3. When you have your tower complete, hot glue a bow and surprise someone who will really appreciate your effort.


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