Butterfly Party Bouquet

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butterfly party bouquet

Butterflies make everybody happy and this Butterfly Party Bouquet will make adorable party favors or a craft project to keep the kids occupied.


STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam:
3” ball
1-7/8” x 2-1/2” eggs, three
Clay pot, 4”
Cardstock in pink, orange, turquoise
Patterned paper to coordinate with cardstock
Acrylic craft paints: purple, yellow, pink, white, green, black
Silver tinsel stems, two
1/4″ wide in orange, pink, turquoise
7/8” wide in yellow
Rhinestones, 5mm, in yellow, purple, pink
Straight pins with black heads, six
Red chalk or blush
Wood skewers, three
Paper shred or crinkle grass in green
Craft foamie in green
Thick, white craft glue
Stiff bristle paintbrush
Liner paintbrush
Plastic knife
Black marker


1. Prepare the clay pot:

Paint the pot purple. Let dry.
Glue yellow ribbon around rim.
Make a bow and glue to the ribbon.
Glue the 3” ball of STYROFOAM Brand Foam inside the pot.

2. Butterfly bodies:

Roll eggs on a table to slightly flatten the wide end, so the egg is more oval in shape.

3. Paint the butterfly bodies:

Insert a wood skewer into the bottom of each egg and use it as a handle while painting.
Paint the lower, 1-1/2” of each egg in yellow, purple, and pink.
Mix each color with white and paint the top of each egg with matching color.
Let dry.

4. Make the wings:

Using the pattern, cut two wings from each color of cardstock and two inner wings from coordinating paper.
Glue the inner wings to wings.
With a plastic knife, make a 1-1/2” slit on each side of body.
Dip point of wings in glue and push into slits.
DIY Mother’s Day craft idea
Add pins for eyes.

5. Add faces:

Push in pins for eyes.
Blush cheeks with chalk.
Paint on a thin, black smile.
6. Glue 2-1/4” ribbon around each body, under the face. Glue matching rhinestone to ribbon.

7. Antennae: Cut tinsel stems in half. Fold three tinsel stem pieces in half and insert and glue into top of head. Curl ends.

8. Make the bouquet:

Remove skewers from the butterflies and cut to 7”, 8”, and 9”.
Paint skewers green and let dry.
Dip ends of skewers in glue and push into bottom of bodies.
Insert butterflies into foam ball in clay pot.
Cut leaves from craft foamie and glue to skewers.
Fill top of pot with crinkle grass.




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