Animal Canvases

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background art for imaginative adventures

Ten year old Sargam from Edison, New Jersey is our latest contest winner and submitted these Animal Canvases. She loves animals and art projects, and is also a big fan of reading Shakespeare. Why don’t you create something unique to enter in our craft contest.


1 Canvas
Acrylic Paint
1 Animal Figurine
Hot Glue/ Super Glue
Sharpie ( Optional)
Hair Dryer ( Optional)


Take the canvas, and paint a background on it. This can be abstract or real things, such as mountains, savannahs, and rivers.

Wait for the paint to dry ( 15-20 minutes). You can also blow it with a hair dryer to speed up the process. Meanwhile, decide where you are going to put the animal.

Take some hot glue and glue it onto the back of the animal. Do this with a parent. Next, put the animal where you want it to be.

Presto! You’re done! If you want, you can use a sharpie to print your signature at the bottom of the canvas. It’s officially your work now!



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