“America Let’s Do Lunch” Meals on Wheels Tray Favors

Easy Meals On Wheels tray favors.

“America Let’s Do Lunch” Meals on Wheels Tray Favors are the perfect way to show seniors that they are noticed and important. Being  a senior and often isolated and out of the workforce can erode a person’s feeling of self worth and even small things can go a long way toward building them back up. If you or your group are planning on doing an empowerment activity these “America Let’s Do Lunch” Meals on Wheels Tray Favors are an easy craft and a great addition to the curriculum.


Did you know Meals on Wheels is available to all seniors over 60? In addition to shut-ins the program also serves lunches at meal sites and dining centers around the country. Source: The simple but life-changing ways Meals on Wheels helps seniors in need-UpWorthy.com

  • Card Stock
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  1. Print the tray favors on card stock and cut on solid lines
  2. Fold on the dotted line.
  3. Place on each food tray or in each meal delivery

Contact your local Meals on Wheels organization to find out where their closest dining center is located and arrange for your group to come in and add their favors to the diners’ trays. You will succeed in putting a smile on faces that need that special feeling.


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