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Witches Hat

Witches Hats are a necessary part of every Halloween. This easy hat will make a perfect start to your witches costume.


Elmer’s No Run Washable School Glue™
Two Sheets of Black Poster Board
Aluminum Foil
White Colored Pencil
Thumb Tack
String (17” Long)


1. Tie one end of the string to the pointed end of the white colored pencil. Tie the other end of the string to a thumb tack.

2. Place a sheet of black poster board on a flat surface into which you can push a thumb tack. A carpeted floor is a good example. Find the center of the long side of the poster board. Push the thumb tack into the work surface at the center point.

3. Pull the string tight and draw a half circle on the poster board. Start the arc at the bottom edge of the poster board on the left and end the arc at the bottom edge of the poster board on the right.

4. Cut out the half circle.

5. Make a cone shape out of the half circle and fit it to your head. Overlap the edges so that you get a seam. Glue the edges together. Let the glue dry completely.

6. Draw a large circle on the other sheet of poster board. This circle will become the brim of the hat. Cut out the large circle.

7. Place the cone in the center of the large circle. Trace around the bottom of the cone. Come in an inch from this circle and draw another smaller circle.

8. Cut out the smaller circle. Then, make small cuts from the inside of the circle to the line of the middle circle. Space these cuts about a ½ inch apart. Bend up the tabs you have created.

9. Cut out stars and moons from aluminum foil. Glue the shapes to the cone and the brim of the hat. Let the glue dry completely.

10. Glue the tabs on the brim of the hat to the inside of the cone. Let the glue dry completely.

11.  Wear your newly created witch hat!

You might like to make the Ethyl the Witch mask to go with your hat.

This crafts reprinted courtesy fo Elmers.

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