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Wacky Wigs

These Wacky Wigs are a great start to any little girl’s costume for fantasy playtime, school play or Halloween.


3cm wide card strips – long enough to fit around your head
PVA glue (double sided tape is easier but harder to find)
Red wool *

*You can substitute strips of newspaper, crepe paper or other materials for the hair.


1. Wrap a piece of card strip around the head to find the right fit and staple.

2. Staple another strip from the front to the back going over the top of the head.

3. Staple another 2 strips to the same points but in between the first 2.

4. Paint a line of glue around the first strip.

5. Cut the streamers to the desired hair length and stick the pieces in a line around the strip of card.

6. Instead of covering the whole head, try making a hat or crown.

You can purchase a premade crown or you can make one of the crowns linked below:

Gold Lace Crown

Medieval Crown

Curly Paper Crown

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