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Upcycled Bejeweled Boot Craft

All your classmates will want to know where you get these great upcycled bejeweled boots created by our latest contest winner Anita from Gary, Indiana who has this to say: “I really enjoy fashion; one thing I like more than that, is inexpensive fashion, so I try to create cute clothes, accessories and shoes for a low price. You don’t have to pay a lot of money to show you have style.”



Old Shoes or Boots
Rubbing Alcohol
Old Rag
White Gesso Primer
Acrylic Paint (your choice of color)
Jewel Glue


1. Find some shoes you don't mind destroying (thrift store shoes, old shoes) your welcome to buy new shoes to if you would prefer.

2. Clean shoes with rubbing alcohol to take the finish off the shoe.

3. Coat the shoes in white gesso primer (can be found at hobby lobby or any craft shop)

4. Let Shoes dry

5. Find your favorite color or colors of acrylic paint (can be found at hobby lobby or any other craft shop)

6. You can create designs or what ever you would like on your shoes.

7.Let shoes dry.

8. If you would like to glue on rhinestones, buy some jewel glue ( can be found at hobby lobby or any other craft shop)

9. Let shoes dry.

10. Your shoes should be ready to wear!

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“Upcycled Bejeweled Boot Craft”

  1. hannah says:

    I think that was a good idea.

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FreeKidsCrafts Contest Winner

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