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Turkey of Thankfulness

After you make this craft, play “Pin the Feather on the Turkey” or just encourage kids to express those things for which they are most thankful. 


Large piece of paper

Red, yellow, and light brown Construction Paper 

Paints, or markers



Foam Board 


Get one of the children (maybe with a little adult help) to draw and paint a big turkey on a sizeable piece of paper (mine was a piece of brown wrapping paper 24 x 24). This is definitely to look home grown. Decide on an appropriate size feather for the turkey's body and make as many paper feathers as you have guests. We made ours out of brown paper, but you could use colored construction paper, remembering you have to be able to read what's written so no dark paper. Tack the unfeathered turkey to a piece of foam core. At some point during the festivities give everyone a paper feather and pass around boxes of markers. Everyone writes what they are thankful for on their feather. You can then play Pin the Feather on the Turkey if that sounds fun. Place the finished turkey in the dining room on a buffet or in a visible place and during dessert each person can talk about their "thankfuls" and all can giggle over where the feathers got placed.

This craft reprinted courtesy of Kabubble.com.

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