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Tie Gift Bag

Wrapping Dad’s present can be as much fun as selecting something he will enjoy to put put inside. He may not even want to open it this is so cute.


White standard-sized paper lunch bags
Scrapbooking paper
Clear tape and/or 3Dot adhesive


Place your present inside the bag before you get started. Fold the top of the bag down (maybe 1 ½ inches) and make a nice crease.
Then, cut the bag at the bottom of the fold on each side,  leaving the strips of the bag that can be folded down to make a collar.

I just used some clear tape to secure the “shoulders” so that the gift won’t come out. A 3D dot adhesive is nice for the collar wings, but they can be glued or taped as well.
I used scrapbooking paper (4x6 matting size) to make the ties, always taking advantage of the nice corner of the paper, and then eyeballing the folds I’d make on either side.

Folding the paper looks more like a real tie. I folded the edges of the leftover paper to make a strip to wrap around the base of the tie to look like the knot at the top.
Then, adhere the whole thing to the top of the bag, tucking the edges under the wings of the collar. If this is too complicated, just cut a basic tie shape out of scrapbook paper and tape it up there. It will be adorable either way.

This craft was designed by Kendra Halterman of My Insanity Blog and is reprinted courtesy of FaveCrafts.com.

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“Tie Gift Bag”

  1. bridieporter says:

    Great idea!!!

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