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Summer Snails

While the kids are running around the beach this summer have them pick up shells for these Summer Snails. They can make a whole variety of them in different colors and decorations.

Trivia: Snails  can’t hear you!  Go ahead, shout, whisper, tell them all your secrets, they don’t even have ears!


Air Dry Clay
Modge Podge
Woggle Eyes
Tacky Glue


Paint with acrylic paint. Coat with Modge Podge to make them shinney.

Roll a piece of air sry clay into a tube and push one end into the shell. Round out the head. Bend upward. Pinch a tentacle on each side of the head.

Glue on a wiggle eye.

Then set them off on a snail race or start a collection on the shelf to enjoy.

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Image of Summer Snails


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