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String Art Decorations

Everything old is new again! Today’s teenage crafters will fall in love with this updated version of an old craft. They also make great ornaments for the Christmas Tree. It’s never to early to get started.


4 colored skill sticks (skill sticks are popsicle sticks with grooves in them)
Coats and Clark ½ skein embroidery floss or 4 yards yarn
Glass or plastic beads
Elmer’s® Glue-All®
24” clear fishing line


Tie one end of embroidery floss to one corner of frame with a square knot. Dot knot with glue. Wrap floss around sticks according to numbered chart. Wrap floss down at corner, then up under stick. Continue wrapping the next section. Wrap two remaining sections. Knot floss end with starting thread.


Cut a 24” length of clear fishing line. Thread beads on string end. Wrap end 3-4” tail around last bead and tie a knot. Thread remaining tail through beads. Tie a knot above beads. Cut tail. Center beads in string art ornament. Tie fishing line to top corner. Tie a hanging loop in fishing line end.


String Art with a Twist
Use plastic pony beads and lacing instead of embroidery floss. On the third and fourth round of lacing, the skill sticks will begin to bend. This string art form can rest on a table top, or hang on a string.


String Art Using Yarn
Use yarn instead of embroidery floss for another interesting effect. Beads can be added to the ending string and used as the hanging loop.


 This craft reprinted courtesy of  Craftsforkids.com

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