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Space Shuttle Picture

This three-dimensional space shuttle picture involves a number of fun and absorbing steps, making it a great ‘quiet time’ or rainy day activity.

Books you might like to read with this craft:


Jed and the Space Bandits by Jean Marzollo


This Place Has No Atmosphere by J Danz


Zoom, Zoom We’re Off to the Moon by Gerald Hawksley


Roaring Rockets (Amazing Machines) by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker


Commander Toad and the Space Pirates by Jane Yolen

Other Space crafts to make storytime more fun:


Recycled Robot


Free printable space shuttle picture project sheet
Black cardboard
Coloured cardboard
Curling ribbon (or cellophane)


Click on Printables and print the the space shuttle pattern onto thin card.

Decorate the shuttle shape as you wish.

Cut out the shuttle and fold in the wings along the dashed lines.

Tape on some curling ribbon to the underside of the shuttle to make 'flames'.

Apply glue to the underside of the wings and paste the shuttle onto black cardboard, forming a cylinder in the process. See the picture below.

Add stars, planets and other spacecraft as you wish.

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Image of Space Shuttle Picture


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