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Soda Can Tab Belt

It won’t take long for kids to save up enough soda can tabs to make this cool craft belt.


Soda can tabs (112 tabs make a 35 inch belt)
1cm wide Ribbon or cord


Cut the cord into 2 lengths they should be about 10 ft long each. Tie the two cords together about 8 inch in from the ends. Click on printables for diagrams on how to thread the cords.

Thread the cords through each hole of one tab.

Thread on a second tab so it overlaps the 1st tab.

Push the cord back through the holes of the second tab and the holes of the first tab.

Turn it over and cross over the cords.

Thread the cords (now crossed over) through a third tab.

Push the cord back through the holes of the third tab and the holes in the second tab.

Keep using this pattern until you have a belt big enough for your waist and just knot it when you get to the end. Leave enough cord or ribbon to tie the belt and cut off any remaining cord.


This craft reprinted courtesy of Craftbits.com.

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Image of Soda Can Tab Belt


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