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Snowmen Duo

Set your winter wonderland up with this smiling Snowmen Duo. Be creative and change the designs to your liking or use the pattern we’ve supplied.


Patio Paint
DCP06 - Sunshine Yellow
DCP09 - Deep Waterfall Blue
DCP14 - Cloud White
DCP20 - Sunflower Yellow
DCP21 - Wrought Iron Black
DCP23 - Light Eucalyptus Green
DCP25 - Citrus Green
DCP27 - Red Pepper
Brushes #8 Flat, #1 Script Liner, #6 Flat
Transfer paper
Hot glue
Glue gun
Terra Cotta Pots: 4" Pot, 2 ea 2-1/4" Pots, 3" Pot, 2 ea 1-1/2" Pots
1/4" Balls
1/2" Flat-head Pegs
Folkart mittens
7/8" Ball
3/4" Ball
2 ea 1" Oblong Oval Woodsies.


Product Note
Patio Paint is a self-sealing exterior paint. No prior preparation is needed when working on wood. For other surfaces, follow directions on label. Patio Paints may be used on all porous surfaces such as concrete, terra cotta, wood, plaster, etc. Because of the self-sealing agents, they do not require a varnish upon completion.

Transferring Patterns
Lay tracing paper over pattern and draw the basic lines. Lay this tracing on the surface to be painted. Slip graphite paper between the tracing and the surface. Tape to secure. Trace with a pencil to transfer the design. Do not trace details until after basecoating has dried.

Using sponge, basecoat all pots with white.

Stack 2" pots on top of each other, and 1-1/2" pots same way; glue together. Turn 4" pot upside down and glue 2" stack to base.

Using transfer materials, place face details in lower of each pair of pots.

Use sponge to put two Red Pepper circles on white rim of 2" pot. Using liner, paint face details with black. 

Paint each woodsie with Foxglove Pink and shadow on one side with Red Pepper. Glue woodsie to center of each face. 

Transfer snowflake design, scattering across surface of pot. Paint snowflakes with Light Eucalyptus Green.

Large Snowman
Paint base of one 2" pot Citrus Green and rim Foxglove Pink.

Using liner, paint Red Pepper vertical stripes around rim.

Paint white dots randomly scattered on Citrus Green base.

Paint three pegs black. Paint four white dots on each peg, connecting dots with Sunshine Yellow. Glue down front of pot to resemble buttons. 

Paint folk art mitten Sunshine Yellow.

Paint alternating stripes of Citrus Green and Light Eucalyptus Green. Accent stripes with dots of Red Pepper.

Glue to sides of base.

For finishing touch, paint 7/8" ball Waterfall Blue. Paint Sunshine Yellow stripes vertically and horizontally, creating a check. Accent with Light Eucalyptus Green and black.

Small Snowman
Paint base of one 1-1/2" pot Light Eucalyptus Green and rim Citrus Green. Using liner, paint Waterfall Blue checks around rim. Accent corners with Foxglove Pink dots. Paint Sunshine Yellow stripes around base.

Paint three 1/4" balls Waterfall Blue. Using Sunshine Yellow, paint cross on each ball, accenting center with white dot. Glue down front of pot to resemble buttons. Paint mini-mittens with Foxglove Pink. Paint stripes of Sunshine Yellow vertically and horizontally, creating a check. Accent checks with vertical stripes of Red Pepper and Waterfall Blue dots.

Glue mittens to sides of base, one sticking out, the other pointing in.

For finishing touch, paint 3/4" ball Foxglove Pink. Randomly scatter Red Pepper and White dots.

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