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Seedling Pot

Get a start on your garden with this Seedling Pot and teach children how food grows and also recycle egg cartons. The kids will be intrigued as the seeds begin to sprout.


Bottom of egg carton
Potting soil
Easy-to-grow vegetable, flower or herb seeds


Poke small hole in bottom of each egg cup (for drainage).

Fill each egg cup ¾ full with potting soil.

Plant a seed in each egg cup.

Water, put in sunny window & continue to water when dry. Watch plants grow! (They will need to be transplanted to the garden or bigger pots when they outgrow their pots.)

Make sure you have a pan or something underneath to catch any water that may drain through the egg carton.

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Early Elementary Craft, Nature Crafts, Recycled Egg Carton

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