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Recycled Water Bottle Fish

Make a whole school of fish with this easy FreeKidsCrafts original water bottle project. Great way to reinforce a lesson on keeping our waters clean.


Clean, Dry Water Bottle

Green Card Stock

Acrylic Paint in Three Colors of Green

Large Wiggle Eyes


Blue Paper Cup



Take the top off a water bottle. Squirt a generous amount of paint inside in all three colors. Replace lid. Shake vigorously to coat the inside of the bottle. Do not mix too much. You'll want interesting patterns of color, rather then an even mix. Let dry. Cut out a tail shape making a 1/2" tab to fold and glue to back of fish. Cut out a fin making a 1/2" tab to fold and glue to the top of the fish.

To make the stand, cut off the bottom of a cup keeping only the top 1-1/2". Cut the edge to resemble waves. Set the fish on the cup.

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