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Recycled Ocean Liner

Look at all of the boxes you throw into the trash everyday and see them in a new light. This luxury Ocean Liner was created out of many of those throw aways.


4 Empty Cartons

4 Drinking Straws

Empty Cereal Cartons (cut into strips for the hull of cruise liner)


Red and black poster paint

4 cardboard rolls

Two sided bonding tape


Place the cartons as shown in the picture below and bond them together with the tape.

Paint the cardboard rolls using the picture as a guide and bond to the cartons as shown.

Glue two drinking straws, fitting one inside the other. Do this twice and glue to the sides of the lower cartons.

Use string as rigging as shown in the photo.

Have fun with your own private cruise ship.

Elizabeth would love to hear your comments on her projects.

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