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Recycled Can and Rope Birdfeeder

Kids love  to watch the many birds that come to a bird feeder in the colder months. The kids will enjoy it even more when they make this recycled can and rope birdfeeder themselves and see the birds enjoy their handiwork…and they will be recycling too.

Note: Working with sharp metal edges like the lid of the can and also the hot glue gun will require adult involvement.


Clean tin can – keep the lid (I used a large tomato can)
Sisal rope
Piece of metal for post (sorry, I don’t even know what I used, it was just a scrap I found in the garage)
Hot Glue gun and glue


Take the tin can lid and bend it in half.

Take the metal for the post and glue it down so that there is enough room for the birds to perch while they eat.

Insert your can lid so that it fits nicely over the metal piece you just glued in and is just inside the opening of the can and glue into place making sure there are no openings for the seed to fall through.

Find the top middle of the can and glue a long piece of sisal rope (about 2.5 ft) from top to bottom of the can so that you have 1 ft on either side of the can hanging off (you’ll tie this together at the end) - this will be the part that hangs from the hook or tree.

Now, starting at the top of the can, slowly glue down the sisal rope from one end to the other by going around the can in a circular motion until you reach the bottom of the can. Cut the rope and glue in ends.

Cut a piece of rope the exact size of the front of the can and glue on around the top/front edge to help give a nicer finished look to the feeder.

Tie the two 1 foot piece ends that are still hanging to the sides together in a knot.

Fill with bird seed and hang from a hook or tree.

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