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Raggedy Andy Pencil Holder

This cheerful Raggedy Andy Pencil Holder will brighten your day and keep your desk tidy at the same time. The kids will beam with pride when they see that you are actually using something they have made.

Books you may enjoy with this craft:
Leaf Dance by Bobby Perlman and Alison Winfield
Raggedy Ann and Andy: Old Friends, New Friends by Patricia Hall and Alison Winfield
Raggedy Ann and Andy: Horray for Reading by Patricia Hall and Kathryn Mitter


Empty clean vegetable can
Flesh color spray paint
Sharpies, red and black
Few yards of red yarn
Ribbon for bowtie
Hot glue gun
Cardboard, 2 inches wide and 10-12 inches long


Spray the can with the flesh color paint. Let dry.

Add features to face with Sharpies, using picture as a guide. Start eyes about 1-1/2 inches from top of can and leave room for the bow tie at the base.

Cut the cardboard to fit around the can. A cereal box works well for this.

Wrap yarn as shown at right, then sew about 1/4 inch from one edge. Clip yarn along opposite edge, and carefully remove the strip. It will tear along the stitches. It is not necessary to get the strip out along the sewn edge.

Turn the can upside down and hot glue the strip around the edge of the can, You may have to hold it in place for a bit until the glue sets.

Turn can right side up and smooth the hair so it hangs down. Fashion a Bow from ribbon and hot glue in place at base of the can.

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