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Pumpkin Poser

Hang Pumpkinhead up on a wall or in a window, then every once in awhile, secretly change his arms and hands and head.


Cardstock or Heavyweight Paper

Hole Punch


Monofilament fish line or heavy thread


Crayons, Markers or Colored Pencils


Click on Printables and if printing on regular (20 lb.) weight paper, use it as a template. Print and cut-out Pumpkinhead. Then carefully trace around the separate pieces onto heavy cardboard, a used manila folder, or any other 60 to 80 lb. paper.

Next steps for both:

Color the head and bow. The body can be left white or colored in, as you wish. Cut out each piece. Right and left "arms" and "hands" are shown on the drawing. If you wish you can "flip" the body so that the "legs" go in the opposite direction. You can also use the "body" without the head, drawing your own funny or scary eyes and mouth on it.

Punch out the dark circles with a hole punch and assemble: Body goes behind the bow, matching holes insert and bend out prongs on brad. Hands go in front of wrists, arms behind bow, matching holes, insert brads and bend out prongs. If you do not have a hole punch you can make a hole with an exacto knife, a darning needle, ice pick, or sharp scissor tip and carefully enlarge the hole to fit the brad.

If you don't want to use brads, you can make the figure stationary by gluing the parts together in a funny or scary way.

To hang, use monofilament fish line or heavy thread. Using a needle, make a small hole through the top of the body (behind the head), and another one at the top tip of the leaf. Knot and push the thread through the body and up through the leaf. Another way is to use two sided tape at the back of the head.

*Template Idea: Once you have cut out pieces on heavy paper or card stock they can be used again and again as a guide for other projects. You can make lots of ghosts in different positions on paper by moving the template pieces around any way you want them.

This craft is reprinted courtesy of Phee McFaddell.

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In Phee's words "It's really all a matter of learning to use your imagination, all proper like of course, instead of treating it like that ugly third cousin you'd just as soon stuff in a closet as look at. And what do you suppose this world of yours would be like if there weren't some around brave enough to be creative? Well, you'd be missing a whole lot of conveniences I'll tell you that, plus the scientific developments, and all the beautiful art."

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