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Printable Fruit Faces

These Printable Fruit Faces will put smiles on the kids faces and at the same time give them a fun craft to practice their cutting skills. Learning doesn’t have to be hard work.

Trivia: Apples, peaches and raspberries are all members of the rose family.


Strawberry Faces printed on Red Card Stock
Pear Faces printed on Light Green Card Stock
Apple Face printed on Red Card Stock
Banana Faces printed on Yellow Card Stock
Hands printed on White Card Stock
Eyes & Mouths printed on White Card Stock
Glue Sticks


To make these Printable Fruit Faces, print faces , hands and eyes and mouths on the card stock listed in the supply list.

Have the kids cut out the different components and glue the eyes and mouths to make expressive faces.

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2 thoughts on
“Printable Fruit Faces”

  1. Nina Lewis says:

    Another great idea! My grandkids will love making them. I think I’ll have to serve a fruit plate afterwards!

  2. Delores Smith says:

    I think my Sunday school class will have a great time. I will be serving snack with fruit.

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