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Origami Frog

Make this Origami Frog in large or small sizes. These frogs are fun to make and very easy pets to take care of.


Square Sheet of Green Paper

Wiggle Eyes


For illustrated instructions click on Printables and print out the photos.

Start off with a square of green paper or card.

Fold the top right hand corner down to meet the bottom left hand corner. Fold back out.

Now fold the bottom right hand corner up to meet the top left hand corner.

Fold back out.

Fold in half vertically.

Push in the triangular shapes at the left and right hand side until they fold in to the middle.

Lay it flat so that you have a triangle shape.

Now, take the top corner on the right hand side and fold it upwards, so that the bottom edge is flush with the middle of the triange.

Repeat this with the left hand side.

Now repeat this, folding the right hand side in to meet the middle.

Repeat this on the left hand side.

Fold out.

Flip over.

Fold the right hand side down so that the edge is flush with the middle of the frog.

Repeat this with the left hand side.

Fold the middle right hand side edge out.

Repeat this with the left.

Fold the bottom half of the frog under where the edges go inwards.

Fold it a little way in so that the legs point back out. If you press down on the back of the frog, it will leap. Decorate with googley eyes or draw some on.

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