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No Sew Fleece Pom Pom Hat

When the weather outside is frightful, take a few minutes with the kids to create this warm and easy No Sew Fleece Pom Pom Hat.


Masking tape if you want to be really accurate
Good scissors


1.Cut a piece of fleece that measures roughly 35cm (14 inches)high with a length that equals the circumference of the recipient's head plus 15cm (2 inches) for the fringe and another 3cm (1.25") for comfort factor.(You don't want this hat to be too snug because then the knots in the brim could be annoying.)

2.Place piece of masking tape along the vertical edges, leaving a space of 7.5cm (3 inches) between the tape and the edge.

3.Mark off increments of roughly 1.5 cm (2/3 inch) on the tape, and cut fringe according to these marks. (I have to confess, I skipped this part and just eyeballed my fringe, which is probably why the bows are not all the same!)

4.Bring two fringed edges together and tie small double knots between corresponding pieces from each edge

5.Fold bottom of hat up twice to form a brim. (For boys you may want to turn hat inside out at this point.)

6.Decide on the height of the hat, and using a piece of fleece or ribbon, gather the top of the hat and tie tightly

7.Un-do any knots above this tie, and cut off fringe.

8.Make vertical cuts in top portion of hat to create the look of a pom-pom. Trim if necessary.

9.Ever dreamed you could make something so cute so quickly?

This craft is reprinted courtesy of CreativeJewishMom.com.

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