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Native American Family

Make your Thanksgiving deorations complete with this Cardboard Tube Native American Family. Take the opportunity to learn about the Native Americans in your area.


Cardboard paper towel tubes
Colored construction paper
Black marker


Cut cardboard tubes in various heights.

Cover tubes with skin-toned construction paper.

Dress your figures with bands of colored paper. Glue together.

To create hair for each figure, cut a small paper rectangle in shades of brown and black. Make many narrow cuts on one side of the strip to create strands of hair, leaving the top part of the band untouched. Roll the bottom of the hair around a pencil to make curls. Glue together.

Cut and decorate headbands with feathers. Glue in place over figure.

Draw on face and other details.

This craft is reprinte courtesy of the Kids Craft Club.

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“Native American Family”

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    So cute 🙂

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