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Musical Door Harp

Gentle sounds announce the arrival of kids as they enter the classroom decorated with this door harp. Something special to add to their school days memories.


3 5/8” jingle bells
Elmer’s® Glue-All®


Sand paper

Walnut Hollow ® 5” x 7” wooden frame
DecoArt® acrylic paint – yellow
Elmer’s ®Painters® Opaque Markers – orange, red, blue and green
Nine eye screws
Embroidery floss or yarn

4” x 6” corrugated paper (optional) 
3-3” rubber bands (optional)


Sand rough areas of wood frame. Remove all dust. Paint wood frame yellow. Let dry. Lay pattern next to wood frame edge for design placement. Paint half dots around frame edge using orange marker. Paint a wavy line with the red marker. Paint half circles with the blue marker. Let dry.

Eye Screws: Measure and mark placement for nine eye screws. Press a corsage pin or t-pin in the center of each mark, creating a “pilot” hole for each screw. Screw eye screws in position.

Horizontal Bands: Cut three 12” lengths embroidery floss. Tie floss in square knots at eyes of three eye screws. Pull floss tightly to opposite eye screw. Tie tightly in square knots. Dot all knots with glue.

Jingle Bells: Cut three 12” lengths embroidery floss. Tie each end in a square knot to a jingle bell. Dot knots with glue. Cut floss tails. Tie each string on a top eye screw, varying the lengths of string as shown in photo. Place the jingle bells over the center of each horizontal band. Knot floss on eye screw with a square knot. Dot knot with glue, Cut floss tail.

Optional: Cut a 4” x 6” piece of corrugated paper. Glue in center back of frame.

This craft reprinted courtesy of Hands On Crafts For Kids.

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“Musical Door Harp”

  1. Lara says:

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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