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How To Make A Leaf Print

Fall is a great time to get the kids out in nature and collect materials that they can use to create fun crafts.


  • Leaves
  • Paint
  • Newspaper
  • White Paper
  • Paintbrush
  • Palette or paper plate


  1. Collect leaves in your neighborhood. You can collect all of one type or mix in different types.
  2. Spread newspapers over your work area to protect the surface.
  3. Put different colors of paint on your palette.
  4. Position a leaf with its underside facing up and paint on its entire surface.
  5. Press the painted leaf onto your paper.
  6. Lift the leaf and see your beautiful leaf print.
  7. Repeat the process using different colors and other leaf shapes. You may even try painting different colors on one leaf to create a rainbow colored leaf print.

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