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Letter B Mask

Kids will have fun learning about the letter B and get ready for Marti Gras too with this mask craft. Or maybe have their own little celebration.


Construction paper or colored printable card stock
Craft stick or drinking straw
Scotch tape
Curly ribbons
Make alphabet letters on your mask with any of these:

   Alphabet stickers/stamps,or draw letters with crayons


Draw the letter "B" on construction paper. Make sure the size is just right for you to wear it as a mask. You may also opt to print out this template on colored card stock instead.

Cut the letter "B". You may need an adult's help in cutting out the eyeholes.

Decorate the front side of the mask with alphabet letters. Stick alphabet stickers, use alphabet stamps or write the letters using crayons.

Tape a craft stick or a drinking straw at the back to make the handle. 

Tape feathers and/or curly ribbons at the back as well. Click here on how to make your own curly ribbons.

Your mask is now ready to wear!

This craft is reprinted courtesy of FirstPalette.com.

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